Results of the Windautaler Radlrallye 2017

overview of the sprint race

14.25 kilometers, 321 meters of altitude and numerous competitors made it an exciting sprint race in the Windau-valley in Westendorf.
We congratulate the overall winner 2017, Georg Unterrainer (AT) for the outstanding performance in a total time of only 26 minutes and 30.09 seconds - new course record!
Last year's winner Manuela Hartl (AT) won the overall victory in a time of 29 minutes and 39.09 seconds for the ladies.

All results you will find here:

Overall Rankings

Final score of the men

Name Time Year
1st place Georg Unterrainer 26:30:09 1987
2nd place Robert Berger 26:35:34 1985
3rd place Erich Schafferer 26:49:60 1964

Final results of the women

Name Time Year
1st place Manuela Hartl 29:39:09 1975
2nd place Sarah Gogl 32:08:62 1989
3rd place Anna Entleitner 32:34:23 1993

Individual evaluation of the age groups

A total of 92 active sprinters took part in the competition this year, a new participant record for the Windautaler Sprintrennen.

The W50 and W60 age groups for the ladies unfortunately had no participants in 2017!

Team rating

From each reported team, the times of the fastest three riders (regardless of gender) were added together and calculated for a total time.
The fastest overall time is considered the winner of the team event!

The results of the team ranking

Team Total time
1st place Landhaus Krall - G Force 1:20:49:22
2nd place Team Penhab 1:25:56:43
3rd place Brixental Connection 1:26:40:08
4th place eldoRADo Biketeam 1:38:30:33
5th place Shredheadz 1:50:28:07
6th place Schützen Westendorf 2:04:53:47
7th place Team Alpenhof 2:10:07:92

Group and club bonus

The group / club that sent most riders to the start of the Windautaler Radlrallye 2017 (regardless of which discipline) gets an extra bonus of € 250, -!

The winner 2017

Participants The winner team
22 Shredheadz
12 VC Klafs Brixental
8 Landhaus Krall - G Force
6 SR Team
6 Team Penhab
5 Team Alpenhof
5 Brixental Connection
5 TLT Holzbau
4 eldoRADo Biketeam
4 Schützen Westendorf
3 Maschinen Feyersinger
Groups of at least 3 people (regardless of gender and age) are counted as a team.

The big "Radlrallye - tombola"

The main prizes

Prizes Winner
2 tickets for a BVB home match 2017/2018 Hansjörg Krall
SkiWelt season card – winter 17/18 Thomas Krimbacher
Hot air balloon ride Bernhard Schieferer
2 tickets for the ‘Burning Lederhose Festival’ with "voXXclub" & "Die Seer" Sylvia Aschaber
SkiWelt season card – summer 2017 Melanie Haas
Golf license course at the Westendorf golf course Andreas Erharter
Gift voucher for "breakfast on the mountain" Martin Winkler
Gift voucher for Westendorf’s bars and restaurants Stefanie Lorenz
Lambskin from the Tannery Niederkofler Bernhard Empl
41 attractive prizes were available.
All other winners can be found in the following list!
All prizes that have not yet been picked up by the winners can now be picked up at the Tourist Office Westendorf (Schulgasse 2/6363 Westendorf).
Profits will be kept until the end of September 2017.

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