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KitzAlpBike Marathon

"During a race, paradise becomes hell. And only he who conquers hell, can call himself a winner".

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KitzAlpBike - Regulations:

For the KitzAlpBike - Marathon competitions, the official regulations of the Austrian Cycling Federation (ÖRV), as well as the Highway Code apply. This affects both the participating licensed rider, as well as all amateur athletes.

During the race, accepting technical help from personnel not involved the race is forbidden. Help from other riders and race marshals is allowed. Help from your own support personnel is only allowed on designated parts of the track.
Riding the course alongside motorized companions is strictly forbidden. Riders who finish the race prematurely must clear the track immediately and must not obstruct subsequent riders.When exiting the race prematurely, you must inform the nearest marshall of your name as soon as possible.

Duty to provide first aid
At the KitzAlpBike Marathon there is a duty to provide first aid for any racing accidents. This rule applies to all active participants, the marshals and the support staff. A disregard of the rule may lead to the subsequent exclusion from the rating.

Time-keeping at the marathon:

Timings at the KitzAlpBike-Marathons are provided by the company "Datasport".

The disposable transponders will be distributed with the start numbers at the Start / Finish area at the Fleckalmbahn in Kirchberg.

Distribution times:
Friday, 24th of June 2022 from midday to 7pm
Saturday, 25th of June 2022 from 6am to 9am

As part of the KitzAlpBike-Festival, the company Datasport acts as an data processor in the context of the DSGVO and therefore gains access to your personal data which you must announce during the registration process. All information regarding the terms and conditions of Datasport for participating athletes can be found at the following links:

Changing facilities / showers:

Sufficient shower and changing facilities are available directly at the race grounds.

Please be aware that there are no facilities available for the safe-keeping of clothing and valuables.

Bike wash:

Riders have the opportunity to wash dirty bikes at the KitzAlpBike-Marathon.
Bike-wash stations are available directly on the race grounds.

Use of these facilities is free of charge!

Further information:

Recommended Equipment!

Not only are the riders stretched to their limit during the race, equipment is also subject to extreme conditions.
Therefore the race committee recommends that all competitors ensure their bikes are thoroughly checked in advance (function tests, brake tests,.........) as well as making sure to have the following equipment with you at all times:

- 2 spare inner tubes
- Bike pump
- Repair Kit
- Allen Key
- Chain repair kit
- At least 2 bottles of water
- Enough food supplies (granola bars, glucose, gels.... etc.)

Additionally, carrying a mobile phone in case of an emergency is recommended.
Emergency numbers and KitzAlpBike phone numbers will be provided.

Caution! Bike theft!

More than 1,500 enthusiastic mountain bikers assemble over the period of Brixental's KitzAlpBike Festival.
Inevitably, the valuable sports equipment also attracts a number of unwelcome guests.
Therefore, the KitzAlpBike organisation and the local police stations advise every bike owner to be particularly vigilant during this time.
If you have further questions please contact the KitzAlpBike Organisation Committee at:

Tourism Office Kitzbühel Alps - Brixental
Dorfstraße 11
6365 Kirchberg in Tirol

Tel: 0043 57507 2000

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