Results of the Windauer Radrallye 2021

The sprint race

14.25 kilometers, 321 vertical meters and numerous starters made the 8. Windautaler Sprintrennen an exciting race in the Westendorf Windautal Valley. Due to the prevailing Corona restrictions, only 50 drivers were allowed to start this year.
We congratulate the overall winner 2021, Toni Tähti (FIN) on the outstanding performance in the total time of just 27 minutes and 39,55 seconds! In the women’s category, Katja Neuner (AT) secured overall victory this year in a time of 29 minutes and 40.85 seconds!

Gesamtwertung der Männer

Name Zeit Jahrgang
1. Platz Toni Tähti 27:39,55 1993
2. Platz Robert Berger 27:45,29 1985
3. Platz Jordan Haarpaintner 28:15,65 1998

Women's overall standings

Name Zeit Jahrgang
1. Platz Katja Neuner 29:40,85 1998
2. Platz Alina Reichert 30:28,25 1996
3. Platz Manuela Hartl 34:17,78 1975

Einzelauswertung der Altersklassen

Below you will find the complete results of the respective age groups to download as PDF. Due to the current COVID19 situation a total of 50 active sprinters took part in the competition this year
Rating class W1 & M1 (1986 & younger
Rating class W2 & M2 (1985 - 1966)
Rating classW3 & M3 (1965 & older)
The W3 rage group in the ladies 2019 race unfortunatley did not take part!

* The age groups were exceptionally divided into this group in 2021 due to the limited field of participants!

Team ranking

The times of the three fastest dirvers (regardless of gender) were added up for each team registered and calculated to from a total time. The fastest total time is the winning time of the team ranking!

The results of the team rankings

Team Gesamtzeit
1. Platz Brixental Connection 1:26:00,55
2. Platz Team Penhab 1:26:53,03
3. Platz Team Landhaus Krall 1:27:09,19
* Groups with a minimum strengh of 3 people (regardless of gender and age) are evaluated as a team.

Group / club bonus

The group / club that sent most of the riders to the start of the Windautaler bike rally (regardless of which of the two disciplines) will receive an extra bonus of € 250 in the team´s box office! Only teams with at last 3 registered drivers were included in the evaluation.
Teilnehmer Das Gewinnerteam
13 Brixental Connection
7 Team Penhab
4 Team Landhaus Krall

The main prizes of the great cycling rally - raffle

Preis Gewinner Startnummer
1 x Fahrt mit dem Heißluftballon Uwe Petschowsky 7
1 x 2 Freikarten für voXXclub Christian Ehrensberger 3
1 x 2 Frühstück am Berg-Gutscheine Christoph Köck 21
1 x 2 Genussgutscheine à € 10,- Gerhard Wechselberger 14
1 x VAUDE Rucksack Jordan Haarpaintner 27
1 x Gutschein Gamskogelhütte Ferdinand Oberhofer 51
1 x Tageskarte SkiWelt (Sommer 21) Andreas Holaus 25
1 x Tageskarte SkiWelt (Winter 21/22) Christoph Gobber 52
1 x Freistart beim KitzAlpBike-Marathon Alina Reichert 17
1 x Freistart beim KitzAlpBike-HiLLclimb Manuela Hartl 31
.... und viele weitere tolle Gewinne! (siehe nachfolgende Liste) ... ...
A total of 26 attractive prizes were available. All other winners can be found in the following, complete list!
All prizes that have not yet been picked up buy the winners can now be picked up at the Tourismusbüro Westendorf (Schulgasse 2 / 6363 Westendorf). The winnings will be held back until the end of July 2022 and then passed on!

Hinweis: Die Bilder der Veranstaltung finden Sie in Kürze hier, auf dieser Seite!

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