The Windautaler Radlrallye 2021

"Finally racing again! And what a race!"

The mountain bike sprint race of the KitzAlpBike Festival has been tough since the beginning. However, 2021 was once again in a very special light: After a year of compulsory break and many Corona lockdown months, the 8th Windautaler Radlrallye this year was the first opportunity for many drivers to be able to actively participate in a race again. And then everyone let it be noted at the start: Great mood. Pure anticipation and motivation right down to the tips of your hair. The very special edition of the Windau Sprint could start.

KitzAlpBike - Windautaler Radlrallye 2021

Finally again! - was the motto of this year's opening event of the 25th KitzAlpBike Festival.

Of course, there were top participants again at the start: women of all age groups as well as the favorites of recent years. Due to the corona, a lot was different than usual. For example, the field of participants (due to the regulations) had to be limited to only 50 starters. Further safety precautions also had to be observed in order to be able to withstand the control by the local police. (Mask requirement at the starting point until shortly before the starting shot, floor marking in order to be able to keep enough distance, etc.) "Small but nice", that's always what they say. But there has never been such a high density of licensed drivers as this year. Tension was almost inevitable at the start line.

Exciting until the very end

The entire field stayed together for a long time - for a very long time. It was tacted. It was lurked. Only about 5 kilometers before the finish did the field slowly expand and the first outliers tried their luck on the now steadily rising route.
With a time of 27 minutes and 39.55 seconds, the Finn, Toni Tähti (1993), won the men's overall standings just six seconds ahead of Robert Berger (AT) and Jordan Haarpaintner (GER). In the women's race, the youngest starter (1998) was the first to cross the finish line. Katja Neuner (AT) completed the 14.25 kilometers, sprinkled with 321 meters of altitude and countless corners, in a fabulous time of 29 minutes and 40.85 seconds. Places 2 and 3 went to Alina Reichert (AT) and the previous series winner, Manuela Hartl (AT).

First the work ...

Yes, it is really pure work. If you believe the participants, the sprint race into the Windau Valley has something very special that is very rare. It is a combination of countless corners, with a few exceptions only slight climbs, which become bigger and more exhausting towards the end of the race and it is the permanent maximum load with which the sprinters are sometimes more than 30 minutes on the way. The fact that the ladies and gentlemen pedal through one of the most beautiful spots in this region remains only a marginal phenomenon. But as the saying goes? Where it's nicer, it's better to drive ...

Ergebnisse der Windautaler Radlrallye 2021

Ergebnisse der Windautaler Radlrallye 2021
Ergebnisse der Windautaler Radlrallye 2021

So war das Sprintrennen am Samstag, den 26. Juni 2021. Alle Ergebnisse der Altersklassen, die Gesamtwertung, den Team-Bewerb und die Auslosung der Tombola finden Sie hier!

... and then the fun

The goal of the race is the Gamskogelhütte at around 1,100 meters above sea level - actually a tranquil excursion inn for pleasure cyclists - today the welcome destination for all starters in the 8th Windautaler Radl rallye. At the latest after you have recovered from the exertion you can enjoy the beautiful landscape and the cozy ambience of the "Gams". Fresh grilled chicken and cool drinks are gladly accepted to refill the energy stores. Yes. That’s it again this year: The Windautaler Radlrallye 2021.

As the organizer, we would like to thank all the ladies and gentlemen who struggled through the Windau again to make the annual opening of the KitzAlpBike Festival such an unforgettable experience. We look forward to next year.
There are even more great pictures and another report from our media partner at!

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